Fresh thinking...

We recognise that there is a space in the market for a property consultancy that understands how property solutions can overcome a range of business issues. And even more space for a fresh approach to the way such advice is delivered. Our core areas of expertise include:

• Sale, purchase and letting of commercial property for occupation or investment
• Sale and purchase of commercial development sites
• Business Tenancy advice
• Landlord and Tenant advice
• Commercial property management
• Operational property strategies

....for a new economy

The ways in which property performance can be optimised are changing. The way buildings are occupied and used continue to challenge traditional views. At Bastin Commercial we combine our deep experience with an enthusiasm for innovation, allowing our clients to benefit from changing times. We draw ideas for property solutions from the wider business community, leading to a range of innovative services.

• For our investor clients, our UK-wide contacts open up opportunities both locally and regionally
• For our developer clients, we can access specialist support and advice to enable the key planning and sustainability issues to be addressed
• For landlords and tenants we offer usage assessments to identify the most efficient and practical uses of floor space whilst allowing them to realise further commercial benefits from their property resources
• And where conflicts arise in relation to real estate, our expert advice can help bring resolution to an apparently unbridgeable dispute