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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2017 (Q3)
27th October 2017
Just published is the latest Commercial Property Market Survey for the UK, delivered by RICS. The overall statistics show a gradual settlement in most sectors, reflecting the influence of much poloitical turmoil. At a local level, however, deals are still being done, so do take the headline stuff as exactly that. Opportunities for the creative and well-advised owner or occupier are there for the taking! Here is the survey for you to download.
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2017 (Q2)
26th July 2017
The Q2 2017 RICS UK Commercial Property Market Survey results show sentiment turning slightly more cautious compared with previously. A flatter picture for demand
appears to be weighing on the near term outlook for rental growth in the office and retail sectors, although expectations remain firm for industrial space. Political uncertainty is cited as a key factor weighing on occupier and investor decisions. See the full Report here.
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Angling Direct expands branch network
01st May 2017
Bastin Commercial has been appointed to acquire a further 25 branch outlets for Angling Direct, one of the leading fishing tackle companies in the UK. For 2017, our Target Towns are around the M4 and M25 (North) corridors but all UK locations are being sought. Details of properties matching the attached Requirement List will be immediately considered and early decisions communicated.
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2017 (Q1)
19th April 2017
The UK commercial property market continues to shrug off the expected nervousness following the Brexit vote and the upcoming General Election. Read the detail in the latest RICS Report.
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CamPAIgn Issue 4
16th November 2016
Get up to date with the deals and business activity of Property Agents Independent, the UK's biggest network of individual surveying practices spread across the UK. Their latest newsletter, "Campaign" can be downloaded here.
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CamPAIgn Issue 3
28th April 2016
The latest of the Newsletters from PAI highlights the strong skill-base and geographic spread of member firms, and carries case studies demonstrating the benefits to clients of using the PAI network. We give an example of one of our own clients, whose UK-wide expansion is being facilitated through our membership.
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2016 (Q1)
28th April 2016
During the first quarter of 2016, overall conditions in the sector remained firm at the national level. Nonetheless, there has been some scaling back of expectations for future growth, particularly in segments of the market where values have run a long way and appear relatively stretched. Uncertainty surrounding the EU referendum has begun to dampen activity in some areas. Read the full report here.
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2015 (Q4)
20th January 2016
The latest quarterly commercial property market survey, to which we contribute, gives further cause for optimism across the UK property sectors, notwithstanding turmoil in the stock markets. The London market is now looking to be overheated, as suggested by the previous quarter's market opinions. Download your copy of the latest survey here
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2015 (Q3)
01st November 2015
Rents and capital values are expected to rise firmly across all the UK commercial property sectors for at least another year. The backdrop to this prediction from RICS, reflecting its members market reports, is robust occupier demand and dwindling supply of suitable premises. As buoyant as the London market has been for some time, however, the expectation is that it is nearing its peak. Read more here.
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CamPAIgn Issue 2
28th July 2015
The second edition of CamPAIgn, the newsletter of Property Agents Independent, has just been published. Download it here to read news and general market commentary from our fellow members throughout the UK. PAI prides itself on having national coverage and local expertise in all its property markets.
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RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, 2015 (Q2)
20th July 2015
The latest Commercial Property Market Survey, covering the second quarter of 2015, has been published by RICS. Download your copy here to see a general overview of the main property sectors, and our specific commentary on the Norfolk market.
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CamPAIgn Issue 1
28th November 2014
Read the first edition of CamPAIgn, the newsletter of Property Agents Independent, to understand the value to our clients of our UK-wide connections in the commercial property market. Our article, "Ringing the Changes", particularly demonstrates the benefits of close co-operation between member firms.
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